The ultimate moving guide

The ultimate moving guide

You’ve probably heard this a dozen times, but it is true – good preparation is a key to a successful relocation. If this is your first time moving or if you are not that experienced with this task, don’t worry about it. It is pretty simple when you have the help that we are going to offer to you today. Watching from the side, moving might seem like a stressful and never-ending project that brings a lot of expenses and chaos.

moving guide

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Once you master the secrets of a well-planned move, you will start enjoying moving. Ok, and when you find local movers who are going to be reliable and trusted for all those projects. We have prepared for you an ultimate moving checklist where you can find all tips and tricks from finding local movers, packing, to some tasks that you might even forget along the way. Without further hesitation, let’s jump right into it! 

Create a moving folder dedicated to your moving

Add folder

We have already mentioned that organization is a key, so to keep things organized, you will have to create an online moving folder where you will keep all of the things related to your move. Not just that you should create to-do lists here, but make sure to keep all the documents you receive from your local movers here. This will help you keep a track of all the things you have finished and those that you have to finish in the future. You should make this plan at least a month or two ahead of time so you don’t do it in a rush.

Research local movers in your area

Now the most important part – finding furniture movers that you are willing to let handle all of your belongings. To find reliable local movers, you will have to do more detailed research than type professional movers near me on Google. Invest some more time into reading their reviews and checking their websites. You don’t want to let just anyone handle your valuables, so be careful when finding local movers.

Research local movers in your area, moving guide

Create a moving budget

When moving, we are all worried about creating a moving budget because we can never know what we will have to pay and what kind of expenses we will have along the way. Try to think of all the expenses you will have along the way – hiring local movers, packing materials, expenses to prepare your new home for moving in and out, and so on. Don’t worry if you are moving on the budget, there are many affordable movers that can offer you the service that you are looking for at the very best price. The more detailed research you make – the more precise the moving budget will be. 

Get a few quotes from professional movers and book them in time

Don’t rush with hiring local movers, rather call a few places first to see what services and prices can they offer. This way, you will explore your options and be sure that you are hiring the best professional movers for your needs. After you decide what local movers would you like to hire, don’t hesitate to book them early. Good local movers are hired pretty far in advance, so don’t risk your chances of losing them.

get a quotes from professional movers, moving guide

Read all the documents you get from your local movers

Resume concept. Executives or manager interview candidates. Talk about your past work experience and talents in the position.

After you schedule your services with local movers, you will get some paperwork from them. Make sure to read all of that so you can be educated on what they can or cannot move, and also what you should and shouldn’t pack. This document will help you prepare and also you will determine that everything is correct. Double-check your personal information too, just so you can be sure they have the right address and phone number to reach you on a moving day.

Request time off work

You want to be there when your local movers arrive, so make sure that you ask for time off work to be there to prepare the last things before your team arrives. If this is not possible, you will have to assign someone to be there and sign the contract in your name with professional movers.

Plan how to move fragile or unusual items, such as guns, pianos, fine art, pool tables, safes, etc.

Local movers have restrictions when it comes to the weight of certain items, so you should check with them if your gun safe, a piano, or anything of that sort can be moved. If your professional movers can’t help you with this, you can find specialized movers for those particular items.

Safe With A Gun, moving guide


Stack of old clothes to discard (declutter) or keep. Recycle clothes, eco cotton.

Before your local movers arrive, make sure to get rid of everything that you are not using or wearing. You should sort the items into the following lists: keeping, selling, donating, or throwing away. For the items that you are selling, you can organize a garage sale or an online sale. You can even ask your local movers to take your belongings to the donating organization that you would like to use for this. And for the items that cannot be used… just say goodbye to them.

Get quality (and cheap) packing supplies

For fragile items, you should always get quality packing supplies that will keep them safe and sound no matter what. But for the rest of the items, you can even find free packing supplies if you go to the liquor store or one of the markets around you. If you are working in the office, you can get a lot of packing paper there too. Be creative and save as much as possible on the things that you are not obligated to pay.

Moving scene with a roll of plastic to pack on a chair wrapped in plastic with closed cardboard boxes, books and masking tape on white background, moving guide

Start packing in time

Packing is the most time-consuming and the most energy-draining task you will have, so it’s understandable that you tend to procrastinate with it. But don’t! The later you start – the more money you will spend on last-minute packing and damages. When you start your packing in time, you will be ready to go when your local movers arrive. The other option you have, if it suits your budget, is to hire local movers to help you with packing as well.

Label the boxes

When you decide to pack on your own, you should always label all the boxes. This will help you when you need to unpack because the whole process will take less time. But not just that, your local movers will also know if some boxes require special handly. That is why you should write down if something is fragile or if some side should go up or down.

Take pictures of your electronics

Man plugging internet cable into wifi router.

Make your life easier and take pictures of your electronics before your local movers arrive.

Check if your building has some requirements for local movers

Check with your building management if they have some requirements that your local movers should fulfill. Those might be various, from providing a certificate of insurance to the protection of the building property. If you are moving from a house, this is something that is not applied.

Address minor home repairs before moving out (and moving in)

If you are renting your current place, make sure to address minor repairs on both of your homes. For the current one so you don’t lose the deposit. And for the new home – you want to settle down as soon as your local movers bring in the furniture.

Prepare your new home for moving in

Couple painting house wall

Also, you should make sure that your new home is ready for moving in. Make sure to finish painting, repairs, and things like that before your local movers arrive. You might also want to come up with a layout that will help your local movers put the furniture where it should be.

Use or donate items that you can’t pack or sell, such as frozen foods, bleach, and aerosol cans

There are some items that your local movers cannot move, such as flammable items, liquids, frozen foods, etc. You should decide what to do with it before moving day.

Pack your valuables on your own

Anything that is too expensive and too valuable should be packed and moved by you. Local movers can’t be responsible for jewelry or some irreplaceable documents. And you will have peace of mind during the whole process knowing that your items will be safe and sound.

Don’t forget an essential bag

When people start packing, they tend to forget that they will need some items on a moving day and during the first night in their new home. Prevent that by packing the essentials that you will keep with you. Items that you will for sure need: beddings, chargers, some basic dishes, and spare clothes. Think about all of that when packing this box.

Check your new neighborhood

Moving is exciting, and since you are moving to a new neighborhood you should research it ahead. The best option is to visit it and to see what amenities it can offer.

Forward your mail

Don’t forget to forward your mail once you change your address. Don’t forget to cancel or forward all online packages that you have ordered.

Laptop with envelope and document on screen. E-mail, email icon

Hire a babysitter/pet sitter

Mom and kid girl drawing with colored pencils at home

Keep your loved ones safe during the move and hire someone to take care of your kids and pets. A moving site is dangerous for kids because you will have a bunch of local movers carrying heavy furniture around. Your pets might be stressed out seeing that someone is taking out the furniture from a place they call home. And they might take the chance to go out unsupervised. Remove the stress from your move with this simple step.

Defrost your freezer

Professional movers won’t take anything that can jeopardize the rest of your belongings, including a freezer or fridge that is not defrosted. This is why you should think of it in time and prepare all of your appliances for the move. You should know that local movers are not allowed to disconnect and connect back appliances, so find someone who can do it for you.

Set your alarm early on a moving day

Make sure to wake up early on a moving day and to finish some last-minute errands that you have to. Your local movers should notify you half an hour or an hour before they arrive, so you should be home already by that time.

Have enough water and snacks on a moving day

Especially during the summer, it is important to have enough water for you and your local movers. But even if it’s not too hot, moving can take a lot of time occasionally and you want to have refreshments for yourself and your professional movers. These tiny details can make the whole moving experience much better than expected.

And have some cash, just in case

Always have some cash on a moving day in case you want to tip your local movers or for any type of reason. You might not spend it, but it’s always better to have it.

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